Notifying ITAL

You should notify ITAL of the claim using the Report New Claim Form.

On receipt of your notification ITAL will contact you and advise whether a survey will be necessary together with what further information and documentation is required to process the claim. If a survey is necessary, we will make arrangements for the same through our local agent/surveyor.

You Must:

• Forward all correspondence relating to the incident or occurrence to us immediately on receipt.
• Hold any party who has (or may have) a liability in respect of the incident or occurrence responsible, including giving written notice in due time and ensuring any time limit is adequately protected.
• Notify the police immediately of any theft or malicious damage loss - keep a note of the incident reference.
• Please read the Claims Conditions section of your policy and the Claims section of the policy schedule which will help you understand the rights and requirements of yourself and your insurer.

If you receive any writ, summons or other legal process you must notify us immediately and forward the document to us unanswered.

You Must Not:

• Admit liability, give indemnity or make any payment or offer of payment without our prior written consent.

Should you fail to comply with any of the above procedures or policy claims conditions you may invalidate any claim under your policy.

Claim Documents

The following information should be provided to us immediately (upload herein whilst notifying us) to enable any claim to be handled efficiently:

• Any correspondence received from or exchanged with third parties, subcontractors and bailees.
• Details of amount claimed and supporting invoices, Collection note and delivery receipt.
• Your brief written summary of the circumstances of the loss.
• Confirmation of the applicable conditions of carriage, trading or contract along with evidence of incorporation.



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